Dawn Ray’d (UK) – “The Unlawful Assembly”

A superior debut full length from UK anarchist black metallers Dawn Ray’d.  Descending from We Came Out Like Tigers these guys are not new in the game at all, but still this is a quite impressive release imho. Branded as 10 battle hymns for the coming class war Dawn Ray’d set the record straight  – both in terms of their messages and the song writing. I had the  honor of sharing the stage (+ a living room floor) with these down to earth dudes in Brussels last year – a good experience in every way! I kinda always missed the bass in the soundscape – live as well as on their record – but I think by now I have grown used to it. At least I have no objections to this record at all. A pity they don’t stop by Denmark on their current tour. The record has already received a lot of well deserved positive attention. So if you are the collector type aiming for first pressings, I think you might already be running late.

FFO: I really don’t know?: neo old school black metal with violins and the occasional folk song!

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