Mammoth Grinder (US) – “Cosmic Crypt”

Ok ok ok, hold up! 2018’s best album got released back in the end of January? This is not a question as such, more of a statement in the form of a question. The album talked about is Mammoth Grinder’s primitive caveman-like “Cosmic Crypt”.

For me there is no weak spot on this whole 29-minute banger of a record. I’ve followed the band for a number of years and the evolution of this monster, which is centered around bassist/vocalist Chris Ulsh, has really been staggering. Also, adding current and former members of Iron Reagan and Darkest Hour only heightens the qualities. The progression into this fusion of death metal and hardcore punk is right up my alley, my cup of tea, and all other versions of this saying that there is.

FFO: raw punk, old school death metal and ALL THINGS THAT ARE GOOD

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