Comeback Kid (CA) – “Outsider”

Comeback Kid. The only thing I really knew about this band was from a promotional copy of their album “Wake The Dead” that has been on my shelf collecting dust since I don’t know when. That was until my own band got the opportunity to support them on a small handful of Scandinavian dates in 2017. This was a tour before they released the album this post is about, but those new songs that they played were really, really good in my opinion, so I was excited about the release. September then came around and, oh man, the album is goooood – fast parts, catchy parts, mosh-worthy parts! I’m seeing them again on a string of dates later this year and I can’t wait to hear all the goodness from this album played live.

FFO: (this is from Last.FM) Stick To Your Guns, Counterparts, Terror and Stray From The Path

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