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Myteri (SWE) – “Ruiner”

Not a lot to say really. New epic scandi crust monster from Sweden’s finest Myteri. The debut album was co-released by yours truly. Actually there’s still excactly one copy left of the first pressing in our stock, so hurry op and go buy it, and check out the new record from Myteri below.  It’s awesome! picking up excactly where the first album left us, hanging on the brink of the inevitable apocalypse, which has now materialised and all there’s left are the bare ruins of a civilization, that had the chance of achieving so much, but ended up digging it’s own grave.

Favorite track so far: Dödens Hav

FFO: Fall of Falafel, Wolfbrigade, Agenda

Myteri on facebook

Dawn Ray’d (UK) – “The Unlawful Assembly”

A superior debut full length from UK anarchist black metallers Dawn Ray’d.  Descending from We Came Out Like Tigers these guys are not new in the game at all, but still this is a quite impressive release imho. Branded as 10 battle hymns for the coming class war Dawn Ray’d set the record straight  – both in terms of their messages and the song writing. I had the  honor of sharing the stage (+ a living room floor) with these down to earth dudes in Brussels last year – a good experience in every way! I kinda always missed the bass in the soundscape – live as well as on their record – but I think by now I have grown used to it. At least I have no objections to this record at all. A pity they don’t stop by Denmark on their current tour. The record has already received a lot of well deserved positive attention. So if you are the collector type aiming for first pressings, I think you might already be running late.

FFO: I really don’t know?: neo old school black metal with violins and the occasional folk song!

Dawn Ray’d on facebook

Discord (US) – “Unquiet Minds”

Straight outta Boston Discord is here with their debut seven song EP. Featuring members of No Fealty, afmagt and a slew of other bands you’ve likely not heard of, the band has brought together two nerdy friends who’s love for science and hardcore are equal. Pairing up with Wide Eyed Noise Records and Pushed Too Far Records, they have released a beautiful, hand crafted tape. Each tape includes a hand written “to” and “from” so that every copy is personalized. Pretty cool if you ask me. All profits both from the tape and online will go to benefit Hope For The Day suicide prevention and 5 Gyres ocean cleanup, so there’s absolutely no reason not to to spend a few coins on this gem. Did I mention that the music is awesome as well?

Discord on facebook

Honorable mention: IRON (SE) – “Sex Positive Hardcore”

Today Swedish VSE warriors and my very good friends XironX announced that they will part  ways with their singer and bass player after af final show with the current line up in Stockholm in October. Sad news indead, but hopefully Calle and Erik will be able to find suitable replacements to carry the torch forward. However on this day I feel like sharing Iron’s first EP, which in many ways for me is the best release from them yet. Featuring five awesome tracks that I have heard maybe a million times live as well as on record. Always an awesome experience and one that – in spite of – or maybe actually because of – their NMA – gives you a reason to live, to bash the bigots and bash their fucking heads in! Thanks!

Full of Hell (US) – “Trumpeting Ecstasy”

Yet another release from the grind-noise-workaholics Full of Hell. The speed with which they spit out releases is impressive. The speed with which the drummer keeps his pots boiling is equally impressive. This is imho the most coherent full album from them yet. I like! the noise parts has somehow been turned down a bit – I like that as well.

Full of Hell on facebook 

FFO: Grind

Ond tro (DK) – “Ond Tro”

Awesome 6-track 7″ from one of the newer bands in the K-town HC family Ond Tro. Featuring members from bands like Under al Kritik, Slægt, Chainsaw Brigade, Knæk & Bræk and Lors Doukaiev the fast paced songs and lo-fi production comes as no big surprise. But it’s a good addition to the already long list of awesome K-town HC bands imho, well deserved that they got to open this year’s K-town Hc fest.

Ond Tro on facebook

FFO:  Hjertestop, Death Token, Sløseri der Skader os Alle

Syndrømes (US) – “S/T EP”

Relatively new crusty HC outfit – apparently featuring members from Masakari + His Hero is Gone. Their debute EP, released on tape via Halo of Flies earlier this year has qualified for four spins in a row on my playlist today, when I first discovered it. That is definitely not a thing that happens to everyone. I quite like it, so here’s my recommendation for you. Heavy, melodic, down tuned, d-beat, awesome!

Syndrömes on fabecock

FFO: Masakari, Tragedy, Wolfbrigade

City Keys (INT) – “Rites”

New EP from Swedish/International SxE super group City Keys,  who actually had the honor of being featured as the very first post on this blog. It’s out today, it’s well produced, well written, well played (even though I would have prefered the drums with a bit more punk-edge and nerve) and heavy as f¤%k. Can’t wait to see these guys tear Underwerket a new one next week.

City Keys on facebook

FFO: Anchor, Wolf Down, beatdown

Mutoid Man (US) – “War Moans”

New Mutoid Man album out today. It’s so good that even Søren digs quite a few of the tracks – and that’s at least something if you have discussed Mutoid Man with him in the past. What can I say? – they don’t reinvent themselves here, but they don’t need to yet IMHO.

Mutoid Man on facebook

FFO: Converge, Mr. Bungle, Weird Al Yankovic, Comedycore