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Cult of Occult (FR) – Grim van Doom (DE) – “Split”

Another pleasant surprise for me at last months Northern Discomfort festival was Cult of Occult from France. Pleasant is probably the wrong term when talking about groundshakingly loud and dirty doom, but guess you know what I mean. They recently released a really good split with Wuppertal doom-sludge monsters Grim van Doom via Vendetta. The Cult of Occult side of the split is no less than one slow and droning and completely awesome track of 22 minutes. Grim van Doom’s side consist of 4 tracks of heavy sludgy recorded at die Tonmeisterei and is some of the best I’ve ever heard from GvD. All in all a really good split imho.

Cult of Occult on facebook

Grim van Doom on facebook

FFO: Doom, sludge, filthy heavy

Wolfbrigade (SE) – “Run with the Hunted”

New album from another one of Sweden’s scandicrust veterans. Not a lot to say here either. You get what you expect and you get what you pay for. Sometimes you just need a solid dose of D-beat and HM2-guitars, and then this is a good place to start out.

Wolfbrigade on facebook

FFO: MyteriSkitsystem, Martyrdöd

Toner Low (NL) – “III”

At Northern Discomfort festival at Ungdomshuset af few weeks ago I had a few very pleasant surprises. Toner Low from the Netherlands was indeed one of them. With their abrasive and all embracing bass sound they completely devastated Ungdomshuset and left it in ruins. Good choice to put them on as the last band. The only reason I didn’t buy their album was that I thought the cover was ugly – I really regret that now, as it is almost as good on record as it is live.

Toner Low on facebook

FFO: weed and doom

Dismalfucker (DE) – Demo

Brand new hardcore punk band with none other than Dr. Hardcore himself on guitars. Hailing form Münster these dismal fuckers, sharing their name with the awesome debut LP from the now defunct filthy doom sludge monsters Nightslug, has put out an awesome first EP, with four tracks of ripping, heavy hardcore with a crusty edge. Really looking forward to hear some more in the future.

Dismalfucker on facebook

FFO: Agenda, Myteri, Skitsystem

The Arson Project – Disgust

A million years underway this LP was  worth every second of the wait. The release party and kick off of their upcoming tour will even happen in Copenhagen on 6 April. So I hope to be able to get my hands on one of their self released pieces of vinyl before they sell out, which is likely to happen as fast as they play.

The Arson Project on facebook 

FFO: Napalm Death, Dead in the Dirt

Axis (US) – “Show your greed”

I somehow managed to like and follow Axis on facebook without ever listening to them. How that happened I don’t know, maybe a hostile facebook take over by a colleague? in which case; thanks for that! Because Axis is great. This album is not exactly new, but they are apparently working on a new full length, so in the mean time here you are with an older one. Mixed by Taylor Young of Nails and mastered by Brad Boatright (like any other band) you sort of should know what kind of chaos to expect. Soon they are hitting European shores with Of Feather and Bone. Unfortunately they wont hit Denmark this time around. Hopefully next time!

Axis on facebook

FFO: Dead in the Dirt, Nails, Église

Mørkt Kapittel (NO) – “Usnuelig Ferd”

In the news section we have room for this banger, just fresh off the interwebs. Out this morning and really a crusty hardcore record to my liking. I first stumbled upon Mørkt Kapittel a few years ago, when they released a split with one of my favorite Norwegian bands Agenda, also a really good 7″. Actually I managed to sniff up the press kit from one of the labels that accidently published it to their facebook page a few weeks ago. The link was quickly taken down again, since the official press strategy was to publish the record today. But what happens on the internet stays on the internet and in my browser history – unless I delete it – in which case it still logged by the big 8 headed internet monster + NSA, NRA and any other dodgy and powerful organisation with unlimited funds at their disposal + questionable ethical standards – well since my ethical standards are indeed very high I have not been sharing the record ’till now- but I have been streaming the record from the secret press kit a good number of times over the last weeks.  Why? – because I like it and so will you! today will be a good day and this month will be a good month for you and for me – if you listen to this record – for mankind in general however it will be another really shitty day and February will be another really DARK CHAPTER in history of mankind! and you thought it couldn’t get worse than January? just wait and see – luckily February is usually a quite short month – at least compared to other months of the year!

Mørkt Kappitel on facebook

FFO: Martyrdöd, Skitsystem, Myteri, Agenda + all other scandicrust

Direct Youth (DK) – “Call Out”

A few years old this banger is still one to look out for, if you are in to K-town hardcore the way it’s supposed to be played. Dunno if they are still active? but the internet church yard is still a good place to leave your recordings for the rest of us to listen to – so thanks for that.

Direct Youth on facebook

FFO: Død Ungdom, Night Fever, Death Token, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or whatever wave of K-town hardcore we have come to these days?