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The Arson Project – Disgust

A million years underway this LP was  worth every second of the wait. The release party and kick off of their upcoming tour will even happen in Copenhagen on 6 April. So I hope to be able to get my hands on one of their self released pieces of vinyl before they sell out, which is likely to happen as fast as they play.

The Arson Project on facebook 

FFO: Napalm Death, Dead in the Dirt

Axis (US) – “Show your greed”

I somehow managed to like and follow Axis on facebook without ever listening to them. How that happened I don’t know, maybe a hostile facebook take over by a colleague? in which case; thanks for that! Because Axis is great. This album is not exactly new, but they are apparently working on a new full length, so in the mean time here you are with an older one. Mixed by Taylor Young of Nails and mastered by Brad Boatright (like any other band) you sort of should know what kind of chaos to expect. Soon they are hitting European shores with Of Feather and Bone. Unfortunately they wont hit Denmark this time around. Hopefully next time!

Axis on facebook

FFO: Dead in the Dirt, Nails, Église

Mørkt Kapittel (NO) – “Usnuelig Ferd”

In the news section we have room for this banger, just fresh off the interwebs. Out this morning and really a crusty hardcore record to my liking. I first stumbled upon Mørkt Kapittel a few years ago, when they released a split with one of my favorite Norwegian bands Agenda, also a really good 7″. Actually I managed to sniff up the press kit from one of the labels that accidently published it to their facebook page a few weeks ago. The link was quickly taken down again, since the official press strategy was to publish the record today. But what happens on the internet stays on the internet and in my browser history – unless I delete it – in which case it still logged by the big 8 headed internet monster + NSA, NRA and any other dodgy and powerful organisation with unlimited funds at their disposal + questionable ethical standards – well since my ethical standards are indeed very high I have not been sharing the record ’till now- but I have been streaming the record from the secret press kit a good number of times over the last weeks.  Why? – because I like it and so will you! today will be a good day and this month will be a good month for you and for me – if you listen to this record – for mankind in general however it will be another really shitty day and February will be another really DARK CHAPTER in history of mankind! and you thought it couldn’t get worse than January? just wait and see – luckily February is usually a quite short month – at least compared to other months of the year!

Mørkt Kappitel on facebook

FFO: Martyrdöd, Skitsystem, Myteri, Agenda + all other scandicrust

Direct Youth (DK) – “Call Out”

A few years old this banger is still one to look out for, if you are in to K-town hardcore the way it’s supposed to be played. Dunno if they are still active? but the internet church yard is still a good place to leave your recordings for the rest of us to listen to – so thanks for that.

Direct Youth on facebook

FFO: Død Ungdom, Night Fever, Death Token, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or whatever wave of K-town hardcore we have come to these days?

Guilty pleasures – “Deutschpunk”

So here is another short feature article. This time about one of my guilty pleasures: deutschpunk – you know the music that is blasting in any AZ or JUZ after a great show on your tour, where everyone is trying to drink their brains out in cheap Astra, Tyskie or maybe the infamous mexikaner being passed around in a big plastic bottle screaming oi oi oi around every chorus. Well apart from there not being a lot of oi in this article. Tbh I don’t claim to be an expert in this genre that is a whole industry in itself, but here are a few of the bands that I’ve enjoyed listening to over the years.

The veteran anarcho punx klingt sehr gut fur mich. I originally got in to them because my friend Bulli joined them some years ago. Their 2015 output Viva Versus is pretty good. But I have been listening most to their 2012 LP Alles ist vergänglich, so that’s what you’ll get here.

Alarmsignal on facebook

This video was apparently deleted quite a few times by youtube back in the days. Now it is only blocked for kids – clearly youtube don’t like to learn where their Christmas meal comes from.

Another one of Bulli’s bands. I don’t know if it qualifies as deutschpunk? But they sing in German and I would probably label it melodic emo pop punk of some kind. Actually they try to hide their albums from the public view at least on bandcamp – maybe they are aiming to become rock stars? But check them out on Spotify. Their self titled LP from 2012, which you can hear a few songs from here has been playing something like 10.000 times on my car stereo since Bulli gave me a download code some years ago. Good stuff indeed.

Disco//Oslo on facebook

Inner Conflict
Inner Conflict from Köln featuring Break the Silence Ballo on drums has a kind of Assinators feel to their sound imho, which is a quality mark in itself. On top of that their melancholic tunes really gets under my skin sometimes. Good stuff!

Inner Conflict on facebook

As I said I don’t know enough about the huge deutshcpunk scene to claim to be an expert at all. The bands above are some that I have checked out and fallen for due to some personal relationships. You should definitely check out Bulli’s label Antikörper Export, who has actually put out all the above mentioned records.
My favorite Antikörper record, admitting that I haven’t checked out them all, is however this modern classic in my collection from British crusty d-beat outfit Cry Havoc. Not deutschpunk at all, but damn good:

Sibiir (NO) – “Sibiir”

The relatively new Norwegian HC/metal outfit Sibiir are out with their self titled debut LP via Fysisk Format today.  All in all a pretty decent debut imho. They have not put their full album up for streaming via their bandcamp yet, maybe it will be available sometime soon. But here is the bandcamp player with a few songs spinning from the album:

Untill the full album drops via bandcamp, you can enjoy this video of some seriously heavy driving in Siberia:

Sibiir on facebook

The Arson Project (SE) – “Forgotten Graves”

The swedish grind/HC outfit just released this video as a forerunner for their very own Chinese Democracy – the debut LP “Disgust” which we have been waiting for for something like 7 years. The album will be a self-release by the band and will be out April 7 2017 in time for their Euro tour. To judge from this first track there are big things awaiting us here.

The Arson Project on facebook

FFO: Dead in the Dirt, Of Feather and Bone, Nails