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Nice Hooves (US) – “The Gall”

It’s a cliché to put it like this, but fuck it: Imagine Thurston Moore and Josh Homme had a child (yes, it’s scientifically possible). When that child is angry it sounds exactly like Nice Hooves. As far as I understand it, they’re a side project of The Armed (a band that I ought to check out, but haven’t gotten around to yet).

Their selftitled LP from 2013 isn’t bad, but it’s not as good as “The Gall” from 2015. I can’t find the lyrics anywhere online and he does sing something like “Honestly a man is a man” on the first song, but I can’t exactly discern the rest of it – better not be some misogynistic bullshit. I hope not, because here I am, writing a blog post recommending their stuff. For now they’re getting the benefit of the doubt – I should probably buy the record and check if there’s a lyric sheet or something.
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“Weddings and Funerals” was the song that got me interested at first so you might want to start there.

FFO: Baptists, QOTSA and Sonic Youth

Église (DK) – S/T

Sad stuff has happened in our backyard.  Église, a very talented local band, has called it quits – they’re playing their last show tonight. I was lucky enough to work with them on a couple of releases in Angry Music Studios. Nice guys, great music!
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FFO: Converge, Nine Inch Nails, Dillinger Escape Plan.

Sleep (US) – “Dopesmoker”

One of my friends is a huge fan of these guys – a month ago I finally found out why I’ve never really liked them. I thought all their albums were like “Holy Mountain” and “Volume One”. Those two albums aren’t my cup of bong water (lol). Anyway, on the recommendation of my friend I tried “Dopesmoker” and “Jerusalem” and that’s the kind of bong water I want to motherfucking swim in. Enjoy.
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FFO: Suma, Windhand, the 90’ies

Propagandhi (CAN) – “Supporting Caste”

This is probably my favorite band (or at least top 3). I started listening to them as a teenager – and I still love them. Especially their new stuff. Usually it’s the other way around for me; if I liked a band as a teenager then I’m mostly into their old stuff and it’s mostly a nostalgic experience when I listen to it again. These guys keep going and they keep changing their sound in a very refreshing way.

They started out as a skate punk band, now they’re …something else, I dunno, but it’s good! They’ve managed to write something I consider to be the best piece of music ever written (I can’t come up with anything better at the moment). It’s “Night Matters”, which is the first song on Supporting Caste.
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FFO: NOFX, Converge, KEN Mode

Snuff (UK) – “Tweet Tweet My Lovely”

We’ve all been teenagers, right? Not unlike most other people (I guess) my taste in music evolved a great deal in those years. I’m ashamed of some of the crap I listened to, but not all of it. Snuff is one I’m not ashamed of – my transition into all the hardcore bullshit I listen to these days was definitely propelled by their mix of fast melodic pop-punk and crazy tracks like “Timebomb”.
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FFO: NOFX, Propagandhi, Operation Ivy, trombones and hammond organs

Totalt Jävla Mörker (SWE) – “Det Ofrivilliga Lidandets Maskineri”

I’m not into everything this band has released, but this record in particular is fucking great. It is crusty hardcore with a black metal aesthetic – short and to the point. The sound is maxed out, in your face and distorted as fuck. Sadly I couldn’t find the record on Bandcamp, so you’ll have to endure the YouTube bullshit for now – go buy the record!
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FFO: Skitsystem, I Object and the sound of black metal

Endorphins Lost (US) – “Choose Your Way”

One of my facebook buddies posted this album a couple of weeks ago – can’t remember who. It’s pretty good, I think.
It’s grind/powerviolence with a crust punk edge – and at times even a bit of sludge …you know, all the good stuff. On the downside there are a bit too many cheesy guitar solos, but just a little bit.
Endorphins Lost on facebook

FFO: DITD, Vermin Womb …I also want to mention something more punky, but I can’t come up with a relevant band right now.