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NAG (NO) – “NAG”

Brilliant new hardcore punk band from St. Anger on the cold and rainy Norwegian west coast, featuring members of Agenda, Avast, Rank N’File + Hold Fast (Kvelertak cover band) . Their selftitled debut LP is out now via Fysisk Format and features 13 slaps of well played, brutal yet strangely catchy hardcore anthems. Wrapped in a very good production leaning towards a stripped down oldschool garage punk vibe. All in all a very pleasant experience, complete with angry lyrics, full of stone cold sarcasm. At least the last viking did not get far, when they came for him at a seminar. Go check it out.

Nag’s Facebook page

FFO: The sound of former oilers and whalers on permanent shore leave playing punk covers of German schlager hits.

Engulfed (TR) – “Through The Eternal Damnation”

I’m just going to copy what their label says about them – that should be sufficient:

“Old school Death Metal domination straight from Kadiköy hell, featuring members from Decaying Purity, Deggial and Burial Invocation. Engulfed are eager and ready to pull your weakling soul into the sulphurous depths of fucking hell !!! Their debut ep “Through The Eternal Damnation” will drag you into the torture chamber of satan without the hope of ever being resurrected. Prepare for 25 minutes of godlacerating nailgun sodomy!!”


ENGULFED on Facebook

FFO: old school death metal, Undergang, Mammoth Grinder

Batolit (DK) – “Batolit”

Six crushing instrumental and experimental tracks about rocks and other heavy elements from Aalborg based duo Batolit.  I guess rocks don’t have feelings and the music is thus not very angry per se, but it is heavy and rowdy enough for me to qualify as angry music. Who needs lyrics to bang your head and clench your fists anyway? Out now on a heavy piece of orange splatter 7″ vinyl via 5FeetUnder Records.

FFO: Fossils, Kolos.

City Keys (SE) – “Tip The Scale”

New Swedish SxE HC outfit with members from Anchor and Iron. Out with their debut EP as a 7″ vinyl via Evil Greed and as a tape via War Records. Already set on a busy touring schedule these guys mean business. If in doubt you can also just take a listen to their debut EP; solid, heavy and angry stuff with lots of 2-step potential!

City Keys’ Facebook Page

FFO: Anchor, Wolf Down, windmills and karate moshing.