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Wolfbrigade (SE) – “Run with the Hunted”

New album from another one of Sweden’s scandicrust veterans. Not a lot to say here either. You get what you expect and you get what you pay for. Sometimes you just need a solid dose of D-beat and HM2-guitars, and then this is a good place to start out.

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FFO: MyteriSkitsystem, Martyrdöd

Trap Them (US) – “Crown Feral”

This album isn’t new (it came out six months ago), but this is my first post on this blog, and I’m a huge Trap Them fanboy, so obviously it had to be about them. (Spoiler: I like the album).

To get at why I like Crown Feral, let me list some things I like about Trap Them in general: In my opinion, they have one of the best vocals in hardcore, excellent riff-work, and they master both fast, slow and mid-tempo hardcore.

All of this still holds true on Crown Feral. It is perhaps a bit “less frills, more to the point” than their previous offering, Blissfucker (and also shorter, clocking in at 31:31 in ten songs). In spite of that you can still feel a development in the band and songwriting. The opener “Kindred Dirt” is an example of the slower kind, setting a nice atmosphere for the album before “Hellionaires” sets the tone of the rest of the album (more fast and mid-tempo riffs).

Crown Feral can be seen as a kind of rebirth of Trap Them. Break-up rumors and changing of band members is (hopefully) water under the bridge. All of their previous albums and EPs have lyrically taken place in the fictional town of Barren Praise, but it seems like Trap Them ended that story on Blissfucker. On previous albums each song was one day in Barren Praise, whereas the whole album BLissfucker was Night 77, starting at 1:00 and ending at 12:00. Crown Feral makes no explicit mentions to this, but lyrically I suppose the songs could have worked within the Barren Praise universe. It would ve interesting to hear, if someone could ask vocalist Ryan McKenney about this in an interview, I guess.

In short, if you like Trap Them, you will ike this album. If you haven’t heard them before, you should definietely check out this album, as well as the rest of their discography.

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FFO: Converge, All Pigs Must Die, Cursed


Dismalfucker (DE) – Demo

Brand new hardcore punk band with none other than Dr. Hardcore himself on guitars. Hailing form Münster these dismal fuckers, sharing their name with the awesome debut LP from the now defunct filthy doom sludge monsters Nightslug, has put out an awesome first EP, with four tracks of ripping, heavy hardcore with a crusty edge. Really looking forward to hear some more in the future.

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FFO: Agenda, Myteri, Skitsystem

The Arson Project – Disgust

A million years underway this LP was  worth every second of the wait. The release party and kick off of their upcoming tour will even happen in Copenhagen on 6 April. So I hope to be able to get my hands on one of their self released pieces of vinyl before they sell out, which is likely to happen as fast as they play.

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FFO: Napalm Death, Dead in the Dirt

Église (DK) – S/T

Sad stuff has happened in our backyard.  Église, a very talented local band, has called it quits – they’re playing their last show tonight. I was lucky enough to work with them on a couple of releases in Angry Music Studios. Nice guys, great music!
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FFO: Converge, Nine Inch Nails, Dillinger Escape Plan.

Propagandhi (CAN) – “Supporting Caste”

This is probably my favorite band (or at least top 3). I started listening to them as a teenager – and I still love them. Especially their new stuff. Usually it’s the other way around for me; if I liked a band as a teenager then I’m mostly into their old stuff and it’s mostly a nostalgic experience when I listen to it again. These guys keep going and they keep changing their sound in a very refreshing way.

They started out as a skate punk band, now they’re …something else, I dunno, but it’s good! They’ve managed to write something I consider to be the best piece of music ever written (I can’t come up with anything better at the moment). It’s “Night Matters”, which is the first song on Supporting Caste.
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FFO: NOFX, Converge, KEN Mode

Spectral Voice (US) / Phrenelith (DK) – “Split EP”

Great, great, great split EP from two powerhouses of death metal. Also be on the look out for Phrenelith‘s forthcoming full length.

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FFO: Undergang, old school death metal, black/white drawings of disgusting shit

Axis (US) – “Show your greed”

I somehow managed to like and follow Axis on facebook without ever listening to them. How that happened I don’t know, maybe a hostile facebook take over by a colleague? in which case; thanks for that! Because Axis is great. This album is not exactly new, but they are apparently working on a new full length, so in the mean time here you are with an older one. Mixed by Taylor Young of Nails and mastered by Brad Boatright (like any other band) you sort of should know what kind of chaos to expect. Soon they are hitting European shores with Of Feather and Bone. Unfortunately they wont hit Denmark this time around. Hopefully next time!

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FFO: Dead in the Dirt, Nails, Église

Snuff (UK) – “Tweet Tweet My Lovely”

We’ve all been teenagers, right? Not unlike most other people (I guess) my taste in music evolved a great deal in those years. I’m ashamed of some of the crap I listened to, but not all of it. Snuff is one I’m not ashamed of – my transition into all the hardcore bullshit I listen to these days was definitely propelled by their mix of fast melodic pop-punk and crazy tracks like “Timebomb”.
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FFO: NOFX, Propagandhi, Operation Ivy, trombones and hammond organs