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Plaguefiend (DK) – “Echoes From the Void”

It’s lo-fi, it’s raw, it’s brutal, it’s old-school, it’s great! Plaguefiend is a band from Copenhagen that deserves a lot of attention. Their leadsinger runs Wargame Records which is also worth checking out.
Plaguefiend on Facebook

FFO: Hellshock, Wolfpack/-brigade and crusty-stenchcore destruction in general

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Wargame record’s website

STUDIO FEATURE – “Die Tonmeisterei” (Germany)

This article is mainly a good (or bad?) excuse for me to post a lot of music from different bands, that didn’t necesarily put out a new record recently, but has the thing in common that they have been using the same studio in one way or the other.

In this case Die Tonmeisterei in Oldenburg, Germany which is legendary in some parts of the scene, or at least in my record collection, and for a good reason.
Die Tonmeisterei’s website

The infamous Role and his crew (does he even have a crew?) has recorded, mixed and mastered some truly awesome masterpieces over the years. Here are some of my favorites:

Omega Massif

The first time I stumbled over a band “from Tonmeisterei” was after seeing – or rather experiencing Omega Massif live together with Hexis in 2010. I managed to pick up a copy of Geisterstadt in a limited edition home made cover – since they had received some copies without the original cover.
Omega Massif on Facebook

Well, when I got home I had to listen to the tracks on the internet in order to figure out the correct speed to play it, since it didn’t say that on the cover and I was drunk and I couldn’t tell from the sound, because it was so slow and I didn’t know the songs too well yet.

Since then I have listened to it a million times and the follow up Karpatia was just as good.

Too bad that they dissolved. But great that some of them picked up the epic doom monster in Phantom Winter – also great stuff – recording their stuff at Tonmeisterei.
Phantom Winter on Facebook


The next Tonmeisterei band on my list is also one of my absolute favorite bands ever. Alpinist was a true powerhouse of epic, chaotic, dark d-beat neocrust.
Alpinist on Facebook

Their final output – their side on the Alpinist-Masakari split from 2011, stands out as one of the best records in my collection. Hold on to your horses when clicking play here:

Their two other albums Lichtlærm and Minus Mensch are also top shelf records and definitely worth checking out. Unfortunately Alpinist has split up. Fortunately they still make music in at least two other Tonmeisterei bands: Jungbluth and Svffer.


Featuring 3/4 of Alpinist – Jungbluth picks it up right where Alpinist let go. They have made some quite decent records over the years as well.
Jungbluth on Facebook

Their debute LP Part Ache was recorded mixed and mastered at Tonmeisterei. But here I’ve chosen to post my favorite Jungbluth output – their debut selftitled demo from 2012, which was recorded by themselves, but was mixed and mastered at Die Tonmeisterei – thus giving it the special touch of Tonmeisterei magic:


I had the honor to play a few shows with No Fealty together with Svffer back in 2013 on one of their first tours. It was absolutely amazing, and great people to hang out with as well. Leonie contributed with guest vocals on Rabies God from the first No Fealty album.
Listen to No Fealty’s Rabies God on Bandcamp

Their brand of grindcore/powerviolence with a touch of emo for me stands out as something special, and nothing you really hear anywhere else (that I know of).
Svffer on Facebook

Their self titled debut 7″ is actually for me the best of their outputs. But here you will get their debut LP, which was recorded, mixed and mastered at… yeah you guessed it:Personal fun fact: Back when Svffer put out some of their first demos on a soundcloud player and posted it on Facebook I ended up deleting my mom from my Facebook friend list in a serious attack of teenage-like frustration and embarrasment. The story goes something like this: I commented on Svffers demo writing something like: “YEAAAH good shit! I like!” and the next thing my mom did was to comment something to the effect that she pittied that dog – in Danish – on Svffers facebok page. Maybe it is still there – who knows? Well, at least it made me put my mom on Facebook hold for a few months – I guess it was more than scenester Jakob could cope with at the time – very mature I admit!

Well, here comes a few other quick shots of other great bands and albums that I like, and who had Tonmeisterei somehow involved in the proces:

Grim van Doom

Great doom metal from Wuppertal.
Grim van Doom on Facebook


A filthy doom/sludge monster featuring the singer from Burial and a drummer who speaks Danish. I read somewhere that they are calling it quits. What a stupid thing to do!
Nightslug on Facebook


From Bielefeld – also calling it quits! 🙁 recorded and mixed by themselves, mastered at Tonmeisterei.
Ruins on Facebook

So, that’s all for now folks. Hope you’ve enjoyed some of the bands and music in this article. I know I did. And I know this was only a small fraction of music recorded at that special place in Oldenburg, so there’s plenty of awesome Tonmeisterei recorded music to be discovered out there – also by me. So hit me up what are your favorite Tonmeisterei albums, that was not included on my list above?
Visit Die Tonmeisterei’s website

Of Feather and Bone (US) – “Split with Reproacher, 2014”

Crushing sound. These two songs are from their split with Reproacher (another band worth checking out).
Of Feather and Bone on Facebook

FFO: Dead in the Dirt, Nails

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Lik (NO) – “Kjetteri”

Lik is branding themselves as blackened hardcore, and that is at least  in my vocabulary to stretch the boundaries of things “black” quite a bit. But these guys are Norwegian and thus should know more about black metal than me. I admit that the vocals are quite black and there are some parts with blast beats… well actually I’m not on a genre police quest here, so lets just leave it at that. Just don’t expect the chaotic, wall of sound, hipster black that usually comes out of your speakers when listening to “blackened hardcore” these days. You are very welcome to disagree with me here. Still this is a great record with some quite melodic, aggressive, experimental and  memorable tunes,  apparently all sung in some Norwegian dialect. There is a remix of one of the songs in the end!!!!? The album is out as a 12″ vinyl through The Mind is Everything Records.

Lik’s Facebook page

FFO: Kvelertak, Nag, Deafheaven.

NAG (NO) – “NAG”

Brilliant new hardcore punk band from St. Anger on the cold and rainy Norwegian west coast, featuring members of Agenda, Avast, Rank N’File + Hold Fast (Kvelertak cover band) . Their selftitled debut LP is out now via Fysisk Format and features 13 slaps of well played, brutal yet strangely catchy hardcore anthems. Wrapped in a very good production leaning towards a stripped down oldschool garage punk vibe. All in all a very pleasant experience, complete with angry lyrics, full of stone cold sarcasm. At least the last viking did not get far, when they came for him at a seminar. Go check it out.

Nag’s Facebook page

FFO: The sound of former oilers and whalers on permanent shore leave playing punk covers of German schlager hits.