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Acephalix (US) – “Decreation”

Another favorite of mine from 2017 sees the pages of the blog! As far as “comeback” albums go this is super freaking good; the right amounts of catchy caveman violence and ear-shredding guitar harmonies. I still haven’t had the luck to catch them live, but hopefully that’ll happen some day.

FFO: Necrot, (newer) Mammoth Grinder, Vastum

Genocide Pact (US) – “Order Of Torment”

Aaah, death metal. The sweet sounds of destruction.

Relapse Records are really knocking it out of the park currently, with releases from Primitive Man, Mammoth Grinder (I previously posted about their masterpiece “Cosmic Crypt” here), Gatecreeper, and now Genocide Pact.

Genocide Pact is a melting pot of all the good stuff from death metal; the fast, the slow and the brutal. I don’t really know what else there is to say other than you should get this in your ears right now!

FFO: death metal… death metalDEATH METAL.

Ledge (US) – “Cold Hard Concrete”

PISSED OFF. That’s what this is. The epitome of angry music. Get ready to break a lot of stuff around you when this is playing. John Hoffman/Snyder/John Caution/Bot Fly The Cockroach (and more aliases) of Weekend Nachos put this together with crushing production from Andy Nelson (also previously in Weekend Nachos).

FFO: Weekend Nachos, Harms Way, Primitive Man

Cult of Occult (FR) – Grim van Doom (DE) – “Split”

Another pleasant surprise for me at last months Northern Discomfort festival was Cult of Occult from France. Pleasant is probably the wrong term when talking about groundshakingly loud and dirty doom, but guess you know what I mean. They recently released a really good split with Wuppertal doom-sludge monsters Grim van Doom via Vendetta. The Cult of Occult side of the split is no less than one slow and droning and completely awesome track of 22 minutes. Grim van Doom’s side consist of 4 tracks of heavy sludgy recorded at die Tonmeisterei and is some of the best I’ve ever heard from GvD. All in all a really good split imho.

Cult of Occult on facebook

Grim van Doom on facebook

FFO: Doom, sludge, filthy heavy

Toner Low (NL) – “III”

At Northern Discomfort festival at Ungdomshuset af few weeks ago I had a few very pleasant surprises. Toner Low from the Netherlands was indeed one of them. With their abrasive and all embracing bass sound they completely devastated Ungdomshuset and left it in ruins. Good choice to put them on as the last band. The only reason I didn’t buy their album was that I thought the cover was ugly – I really regret that now, as it is almost as good on record as it is live.

Toner Low on facebook

FFO: weed and doom

Sleep (US) – “Dopesmoker”

One of my friends is a huge fan of these guys – a month ago I finally found out why I’ve never really liked them. I thought all their albums were like “Holy Mountain” and “Volume One”. Those two albums aren’t my cup of bong water (lol). Anyway, on the recommendation of my friend I tried “Dopesmoker” and “Jerusalem” and that’s the kind of bong water I want to motherfucking swim in. Enjoy.
Sleep on Facebook

FFO: Suma, Windhand, the 90’ies

Spectral Voice (US) / Phrenelith (DK) – “Split EP”

Great, great, great split EP from two powerhouses of death metal. Also be on the look out for Phrenelith‘s forthcoming full length.

PHRENELITH on Facebook

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